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Your hair is important! not only for your appearance but it boosts confidence, when it is beautiful and healthy. This is why it should be taken care of like your skin. Some of us think that Shampoo and conditioner do the trick, But this is not True! 

The Do's

* PLEASE! Do invest in a hair cut or trim every 6-8 weeks. This is very important and necessary.

* Invest in a good hair Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair type, this will help you manage and tame your hair.

* Do wash your hair with cold or cool water, this will close the hair shaft which will help your hair shine and grow. 

Massage your scalp when shampooing and conditioning will help blood circulation in your scalp and encourage hair growth.

Deep condition your hair 3 times a week, This will nourish your hair and keep it hydrated it will also help with your colored hair.
  - look for deep conditioners that have Sunflower seed, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil.

" I recommend you to try the Loreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme this is heaven for your hair."
  "For better results leave the deep conditioner on clean (shampooed) wet hair for 20 minutes or more put a hair cap or a plastic bag around your head."

* Give your hair a BREAK! from that flat iron curling iron, and blow dryer that you love so much. Try to not use them on days you know you will be at home, this will give your hair a break and will boost the way your hair looks when you go back to using your hair tools.

* Comb your hair when dry every morning, this will add shine, remove dirt, and loose hair.  Do it every night as well.

Try to go for a few days without hairspray, or any other hair products because your hair needs to breath. 

Use a natural hair mask to help with your damaged or oily hair.

* Keep your hair away from the sun when is very hot by using a hat like our skin hair is sensitive.

Do use an oil treatment for your hair before combing, this will help your hair to de-tangle and add shine and volume.

Do invest in a good Hair tool this will make all the difference when you style your hair, you will notice and others will too.

Do clean your hair brush every week with shampoo. 

The Dont's

* Don't wash your hair everyday!! because it strips your hair from all the natural oils its producing. 
  - Our hair is made of Dead Keratin & Dead Protein, and grows from the inside of our scalp, in order to grow it needs to create oil to protect and lubricate naturally. This is why it not good to wash your hair everyday because it needs to moisturize with the natural oils it produces to help it grow strong and shiny. If your hair gets oily try to wash your hair every other day.

Don't comb your hair when wet because it will break your hair strands. When the hair is wet it is at its weakest state and any pressure can break your hair.
   "Please let your hair dry, then comb away."

* Don't flat iron your hair, blow dry, or curl your hair everyday this is just frying your hair!

Don't pull your hair back with super tight ponytails, pigtails, or braids. Avoid this when the hair is wet and if it is dry you can use a ponytail but not to tight, because it will break and crack your hair.

Don't wash your hair with hot water this will just dry out your hair, and eventually break it. Hot water dries your skin imagine what it does to your scalp and hair! 

Don't color your hair twice in the same week, this will just cause the hair to get very dry. "Trust me I know" : (

Don't do two hair treatments in the same week for example Chemical Straightening hair and then coloring your hair    in the same week is a big NO! NO! Please let the hair breath.

Don't use clarifying products for the hair this will just strip your hair from the natural moisture it produces.

* Don't Cut your hair yourself it will only cause you to have uneven strands also you need a professional hair cutting scissor.

* Don't wash your hair with soap because it is to harsh and not made for your scalp.

* Don't use a flat iron when the hair is wet it will fry your hair.

* Don't comb your hair every 5 minutes, limit the combing to 3x a day Morning, afternoon and evening before going to bed. PLEASE! comb your hair gently!

Finding that flat iron that will give you that smooth and silky salon look is not as hard as it seems.

1. Determining your type of hair: This is very important because this lets us choose the perfect plate that will give you that slick look, with out damaging your hair.

  • Fine Hair: Very thin hard to style

  • Medium Hair (Normal Hair): When your hair is not to thick or to thin, very easy to style

  • Coarse Hair : Very heavy, frizzy, sometimes very hard to manage and style.

2. Finding the perfect Plate: Technology has changed and now we have a few options to choose from:

  • Ceramic: Produces negative ions that will seal the hair cuticle evenly with out any hot spots. This plate is Ideal for thin hair, and medium hair.

  • Tourmaline: Is a mineral that produces natural negative ions that will seal the hair cuticle with less damage and more shine. This plate can be used by anyone with medium to thick hair, it can also be used by thin hair but you will need to start with a low heat temperature to achieve the desired look with out damaging the hair.

  • Titanium: Produces triple the amount of natural negative charged ions, so this plate gets really hot. This is recommended for very thick and coarse hair because it gives a constant heat that will finally manage that hard to style hair.

There are other different type of things that are infused in the tittle for example:

  • Nano: this is just a description of how light the iron will be.

  • Ionic: to be honest with you this is just describing what all irons are already producing!

  • Far Infrared Heat: Most of the irons include this inside the heat mechanism but some irons include it outside which helps the smallest hair cuticle seal.


Please stay away from Silver & Aluminum flat irons because this will only ruin your hair. Make sure you check the flat iron you are using if there is any cracks or it looks broken Please buy another one, its time!

It is very important that you start with a medium hair setting and let that be your guide to the actual temperature that your hair will need to make it straight.